Who we are.

We are a growing team of writers, editors and videographers who are working together to interview those hurt by government policies. We will listen carefully to you and do our best to accurately write your story. Then we will distribute the finished piece to various media outlets with the goal of influencing current policy makers and candidates up for election in 2017 and 2018.

We are working with an organization called Local Majority, a new brand of political action committee focused on super-charging progressive campaigns in key states with a two-pronged strategy. Funding the most promising candidates, and boosting grass-roots efforts by providing strategic support for local activist networks.

Your story is part of that strategic support!

How we work.

1Our goal is to find and write up the stories that will be most helpful in changing or influencing policy. We have to be strategic and focused on the big picture—to flip red states in 2018. To do that we will be focused on gathering stories from the people of Virginia first since Virginia’s elections will take place in 2017. We will move on to other states based on candidates and issues that need stories to support election goals.

2 We will distribute the stories to national and state organizations that already have media coverage in place. We supply the content and hand it off to be used in whatever way is helpful. When possible a short video interview will be made and included. The storyteller will have the option of anonymity, however we will include a city or area where the storyteller lives since our goal is to inform state elections.

3 We are new at this! Once we figure out the process in Virginia, we’ll be moving to other states. However, if you know of or have a story that needs to be shared please contact us even if it is not in Virginia. We will do what we can to help you get it written and distributed to local media.