Local Majority provides research that is practical and accessible for state district campaigns. Acting as their personal research department, we distill national research studies and put together packets with specific and targeted information for candidates’ campaigns to support their efforts. Read here for some of our in depth research reports supporting progressive campaigns.


Medicaid Expansion

Republicans denied 400,000 Virginians access to healthcare, refused $2 billion in federal funds and 15,000 good jobs.


Opioid Crisis in Virginia

Opioid body count rises. Virginia Republicans deny 400,000 access to treatment.

Voting Rights


Stop Republican manipulation of districts to stay in power and enact a right-wing agenda!


Democrats work to Strengthen Schools

Elect Democrats to improve teacher pay, offer career and technical education options, and provide age-appropriate evidence-based classes in family life and consent.


Democrats Support Living Wages

Vote Democrat to get legislation to raise the minimum wage passed.

Voting Rights

Help Safeguard Voting Rights

Vote Democratic to ensure every eligible voter gets to vote.


Expand Rural Broadband

Access to high speed broadband is critical for economic progress in rural communities.


LGBTQ Discrimination

Republicans pass legislation to allow discrimination against LGBTQ and single parents.


The Atlantic Coast Pipeline and The Mountain Valley Pipeline

Read Local Majority’s analysis of these complicated issues.


Proffer Bill: a Win for Developers

Should you pay higher taxes when a developer builds new homes?