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Climate Change

Virginia Underwater

A study by Old Dominion University predicts that vast areas of Virginia will be underwater due to climate change. Scientists are predicting a rise of up to 7½ feet by the year 2100. Many communities in Virginia will experience chronic flooding, which means 10% or more of its land area will be flooded by high tides an average of 26 times per year (every other week).  Read here to find out what needs to be done now.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Reform

Starting in the 1990s, Virginia has overemphasized the punitive aspects of justice without a concomitant effort towards rehabilitation. Here is a look at some of the issues that characterize criminal justice in the United States and in Virginia — with a focus on those that the Republican-led House of Delegates has done little to tackle.

Gun Safety

Gun Safety Regulations

Every 10 hours, a person is killed with a gun in Virginia in cases that involve suicide, domestic violence, accidental shootings or interpersonal disputes. Two-thirds of Virginians support a law to limit the purchase of guns to one/month according to a Quinnapac poll released in April 2017. It’s time to close the loopholes and keep firearms out of the hands of ineligible buyers.

Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency

Virginia residents have the 10th highest electricity bills in the nation. Large additional rates are imposed for building new power plants that would be unneeded if Virginia implemented higher energy efficiency standards. But Virginia ranks 33rd out of 50 states on the effectiveness of their energy efficiency policies and programs. Virginia lags far behind the rest of the nation because the Republican-controlled state legislature has not imposed regulations forcing utilities to implement energy efficiency programs or meet energy savings targets.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

The Republican legislature has repeatedly voted against expanding solar energy credits and net-metering to residents and small businesses, favoring corporations and utilities, even extending tax credits to earth-killing coal companies. More than a dozen clean energy bills were introduced but were killed in committee in deference to the utility companies.

Racial Inequality

The Racial Wealth Gap

Since 1986, about half of all gains in wealth have gone to the top 0.1 percent of households. Racial minorities are especially affected by this with typical black households possessing just 6% of the wealth of white households and the typical Latino household having just 8% of the wealth that a white household has. Read our report to find out why racial disparity exists in America and Virginia.


Campaign Finance Disparity

Big corporate donors in Virginia clearly favor Republicans at the district voting level. Do VA Democrats really want to live in a state paid for by corporations?


Medicaid Expansion

Republicans denied 400,000 Virginians access to healthcare, refused $2 billion in federal funds and 15,000 good jobs.


Opioid Crisis in Virginia

Opioid body count rises. Virginia Republicans deny 400,000 access to treatment.

Voting Rights


Stop Republican manipulation of districts to stay in power and enact a right-wing agenda!


Democrats work to Strengthen Schools

Elect Democrats to improve teacher pay, offer career and technical education options, and provide age-appropriate evidence-based classes in family life and consent.


Democrats Support Living Wages

Vote Democrat to get legislation to raise the minimum wage passed.


Inequity Waits in Virginia

In Virginia, $2.13/hour is the mandatory wage a restaurant must pay a waiter or waitress who gets tips. The VA taxpayer supplements nearly half of food-service workers with assistance. Vote Democrat to change this broken system.

Voting Rights

Help Safeguard Voting Rights

Vote Democratic to ensure every eligible voter gets to vote.


Expand Rural Broadband

Access to high speed broadband is critical for economic progress in rural communities.


LGBTQ Discrimination

Republicans pass legislation to allow discrimination against LGBTQ and single parents.


The Atlantic Coast Pipeline and The Mountain Valley Pipeline

Read Local Majority’s analysis of these complicated issues.


Proffer Bill: a Win for Developers

Should you pay higher taxes when a developer builds new homes?